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On this webpage you can find general information on Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) for both healthcare professionals as well as parents. ‚Ä®Furthermore we explain the potential advantages of an intervention before birth, which is now under investigation in two trials.‚Ä® 

This site will be updated regularly as research in CDH is continuously providing new insights. However if there are any inconsistencies or additional questions you can always contact us


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Update: statement after second interim analysis of moderate trial (25/2/2017).

Patient recruitment is ongoing and is on target. Current recruitment rate is around 2 patients per month, but this is likely to increase as more centers from more countries are entering the study. The interim analysis did not identify safety issues, and suggests that it is possible to finish recruitment within 5 years, and if additional centers join or recruitment increases, even within 3 years.  


This research was supported by funding of the European Commission under the Sixth Framework Programme  'EuroSTEC'-project 

(LSHB-CT-2006-037409); www.eurostec.eu (end date: November 2011)